No Breakfast Cycling Club NBCC

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking to kickstart your day with a refreshing ride? Look no further than the NoBreakfast Cycling Club, based in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht. We offer invigorating early morning rides that will leave you energized and ready to conquer the day ahead.

Discover NoBreakfast Cycling Club: Energizing Morning Rides in Amsterdam and Utrecht

Our club sets off promptly at 6:30 a.m., ensuring you have plenty of time to indulge in a scenic ride before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. We cater to riders of different speeds, allowing you to choose the pace that suits you best.

Morning Rides in Amsterdam, Haarlem & Utrecht: Start Your Day on a High Note! For those seeking a relaxed yet brisk ride, our “Coffee Pace” group maintains an average speed of around 35 kmph. This group offers an opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow cyclists as you pedal through the picturesque landscapes of Amsterdam or Utrecht.

If you’re up for a more exhilarating challenge, our “Fast Group” is designed to satisfy your need for speed. With an average speed of 42+ kmph, this group is perfect for cyclists who crave a faster and more intense ride.

Stay Connected with WhatsApp Groups: Plan and Connect with Fellow Cyclists. Additionally, we provide a platform for enhanced communication and coordination within our club. We have dedicated WhatsApp groups for each city, allowing riders to stay updated on the upcoming rides and see who will be attending. This feature ensures that you can connect with fellow cyclists, plan your rides accordingly, and foster a sense of community within the club.

Post-Ride Rituals: Unwind and Connect over Coffee. After our invigorating rides, we make sure to prioritize our post-ride rituals. Before heading off to work, we gather for a well-deserved cup of coffee, creating an opportunity for riders to connect, share stories, and savor the achievements of the morning ride. This refreshing break allows you to start your day on a high note, with a clear mind and energized spirit.

Scenic Routes in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht: Explore the Beauty of Ronde Hoep.

In Amsterdam, our cycling route takes us around the scenic Ronde Hoep, a picturesque area known for its breathtaking landscapes and tranquil environment. The 15 km timed segment adds a touch of friendly competition, encouraging riders to push themselves to achieve their personal best.

In Utrecht, we explore the charming surroundings of Houten. The 23 km timed segment in this region provides a thrilling opportunity to challenge your limits and track your progress over time.

Welcoming Riders of All Levels: Embrace the Intensity at Your Own Pace

While our club welcomes riders of all skill levels, it’s important to note that our rides are not exclusively tailored for beginners. We offer a range of speed groups, including the fast-paced option, which provides a more intense cycling experience for those seeking a challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or an enthusiast looking to push your limits, our club caters to riders with varying levels of experience and fitness.

Join NoBreakfast Cycling Club: Join NoBreakfast Cycling Club today and become part!

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